Sale and Rent Video Equipment
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We offer a wide range of equipment for rent or for sale. We can supply equipment such as screens, video wall, film projector and screens, audio system. All of the facilities offered are suitable for trade fairs, conventions, business meetings or show rooms. We also take care of setup and technical assistance during your event.
Professional Led Monitor
We offer the latest led monitors and TV screens for conferences, trade shows, digital signage, video displays etc. We provide equipment setup and technical assistance.
Video Wall
We make a wide range of the newest and customized jumbotron and video wall available.
Video projector
If you choose us as your event supplier, you find a variety of projectors along with projector screens of any size available.
Video Projection Screen
We offer projection screens of any size and we help you choosing the most suitable solution for your event.
Audio System for Conferences
We provide audio system for rent or for sale. We guarantee the highest audio quality during your events and meetings.
Professional video cameras with direction
We have several full HD cameras for wide screen showing and event recording. We can also provide live streaming on YouTube and Facebook.
Other services: dvd/cd copy and print; magnetic supports encoding; 35mm/16mm/8mm/super 8 film transfer to DVD and hard disk; file copy to customized USB memory sticks.